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Some visual representations of thought processes. This is not a construction of my identity. I am more than a blog.

Just like mama.

"Malice in Wonderland" Christina Ricci by Mario Sorrenti for The Face, February 1998




Did Ivo say that?

how did you know?!

i thought it might have been him too tbh

:P well, it wouldn’t have been anyone else hahaha

Ivo’s the only person to get his dick into any subject.

Boom. #dissertation #doneit #yesyes
Not sure when my hair got so long..
So this morning,  still drunk, before coffee, Ivo took me on an easter egg hunt in the garden.  Turns out im terrible at hunting, but I got a chuffin egg though! :D
Buskin Punx Orcrusta!
Remembered to make patches for #fishstock !
dissertation reaching critical mass

headache foreverrrr…